Saturday, 2 March 2013

Steamy Vintage journey - 24 Feb 2013

Me and H decided to visit East Lancashire railway this weekend. Thankfully there were no Liverpool and Everton matches that day so my task of picking up H was easy. We reached Ramsbottom at 12 PM and we struggled to find a parking space but eventually we did succeed. The train station had a vintage feel as there were old luggage carts, soft-toys and milk-cans scattered on the platform to re-create the Victorian era. There was quite a turn-out of train enthusiasts that day as it was a steam Engine on display. There were many photography enthusiasts to get a show of the steam Engine. H certainly belonged to the latter group. The chilly wind did not stop H from baring the hands and standing at the window to take the perfect photograph. The train journey took almost 3 hours to complete. I would have rather sat inside the not so warm train if H did not drag me out. I got to see the engine getting separated from the wagons from one end, re-filling with water and then re-connecting with the wagons at the other end. Overall it was a Sunday well spent but this place needs another visit probably on a day when the Sun-God is kind to us.

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