Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Shubhaarambh to the fresh face of cinema

This post seems to be sidetracking from the theme of my blog which happens to be all about Enjoying England, but the inspiration for this post comes from watching a movie at the Trafford centre.

Kai Po Che - A movie overflowing with the essence of Gujarat. The movie tries to shed some light to the myth that Gujaratis are good businessmen. I term it is a myth because, according to me Gujaratis are good at minding their own business, which makes them succeed in whatever they pursue. I surely did not come across a lot of Gujaratis in my lifetime but I know this good friend Mr.Doshi (The Gujju Mahesh babu, as I named him) from whom I can infer that Gujaratis are the sweetest people you can meet in India. They like the good things about other parts of our country and are never envious of other's well-being.

Typical Gujarati men start really young. When I was happy about earning my first salary after finishing my degree, a Gujarati of the same age would have already made more than my first salary in stock market trading. This is what I really meant by starting young. One of the main characters plays this role very aptly. I liked this character the most, Raj Kumar Yadav was the best choice. I walked out of the movie convinced that he is a Gujarati by birth. I could not believe my eyes when a quick google revealed that Ragini MMS was his previous project and he hails from Haryana.

Typical Gujarati girls are very light-skinned. The bright coloured, tight-fitted, mirror-worked dresses make them look gorgeous. And not to forget their skill of applying henna, they actually make it look so easy. The cute Amrita Puri plays the typical Gujarati girl in this movie.

Mr. Doshi and I never discussed cricket. So Ishan, sorry mate. I was comparing Sushant who played Ishaan in this movie to Ranveer Singh all the way. They both look the same and strangely have the same voice, but I personally like the energy displayed by Ranveer Singh more.

Omi, the last character played by Amit is basically a pawn in the hands of a manipulative politician. I couldn't believe the film makers actually named the party that Omi supports as "Bharatiya Janahith Sangh". Its not much of a secret, who the manipulative politician in the movie is trying to represent from the real world. Again me and Mr. Doshi never discussed politics, so I am ignorant about the facts behind Sabarmathi massacre but if the allegations are true, I hope Mr.M does not punish innocents in the future if he ever did so in the past. Nevertheless here's wishing Shubhaarambh to Mr.M. Make it happen to the hot seat next year dear Mr.M.

Cute moment - Govi, saying Chi and turning his head away...
Shocker moment - Govi introduces Ishaan to Omi at the end of the movie

Amit Trivedi - he pulled me to the movie using Manja. He totally deserves a separate post.

Amit Trivedi, YOU ROCK!!!. Rehman ji, a page for you in the Social Studies text-book....

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