Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Good old days

I have many great memories associated with this song...The male actor truly represents my dad and the female actress my mum. No wonder all of my dad's friends came back watching this movie back in 1993 and told us "This is your family story". I cannot imagine a couple to be so understanding in this day and age. Touch wood, My folks were!!! Imagine a man having to be a Househusband owing to bad circumstances and the lady taking up his share of responsibility as well as making sure we all were well fed and lived in a tidy home. My mum still has the diary which had all the details of our family's monthly income and expenses. She, the elegant Leo, was good at managing a happy home with just 1000 rupees each month. My dad who is now 56 years old (i guess this age was in 2011, he never ages lol) does not know much about cooking other than managing to make coffee, tea and Omelette. Both me and my brother were below 10 years of age and unlike this super fast generation never had much high demands nor understood the complexities that such difficult times brought. I can never remember seeing my parents having a fight in my 20 years of life that I lived with them. Not only was my dad an easy-going person (but again no one is perfect in this world), but my mum is a very understanding and forgiving person. No matter how much I adore my dad the adult me now realizes that he should have pitched in to make my mum's life easy a bit. But I am sure my Gemini dad always made my mum's mental life easier using his great sense of humor. Also, they never had any difference of opinion even in the case of my dad's parents.