Monday, 28 December 2015

Bonding with the street

Bold Street - The most happening place of Liverpool be it day or night, technically I have never been here in the night but I guess it would be certainly happening owing to the number of pubs in the adjoining little streets of Bold Street. I was a loyal pilgrim to Bold Street in 2011 and 2012 when all I had was public transport to grab some Indian groceries and the famous Matta's store catered to all my needs. Then once I got my car I became distant to Liverpool until last weekend when Mr.B and his lovely wife invited us both for a meal at the new Indian place called "Mowgli".

Pic Courtesy: TripAdvisor
Mrs.C wanted to try the Liverpool's answer for authentic Indian food. I was very excited about this place as it served Indian street food, and I could not resist the feeling of downing all those yummy pani-puris. The restaurant's ambience was very simple and elegant at the same time, full marks for keeping the theme alive through the ambience.

I was quite skeptical and happy at the same time that Mrs.C loved Indian food as I remember sending onion pakodis with zero spice for her, they could be literally called as Onion rings instead of pakodis. When the food was actually served at Mowgli, I realised Mrs.C enjoyed the food mainly as it was the same 0 spice level. But much to my disappointment the food turned out to be of 0 salt level too. My most favourite bits from the menu the Bhel puri, Baptized as Yogurt Chat Bombs, and Pani Puri, Baptized as Tamarind water bombs were very sweet to taste. It  could be the location of the restaurant that influences the spice levels of the restaurant but my review of the restaurant would be that the food is over-priced and the taste is too much modified away from the authentic style.

Once again Cheadle scores better when it comes to catering to all spice levels. No wonder IndianTiffinRoom in Cheadle is always so crowded that we need to reserve a table atleast a week ahead.

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From my current home IndianTiffinRoom is about 32 miles and Mowgli is about 27 miles. I will conclude by saying that I prefer those extra miles any time when it comes to great food.