Sunday, 17 July 2016

Evolving relationships

Everyone needs a medium to evacuate their inner feelings (specially the hurtful feelings) while people like me who are very forgetful need a post like this to remind myself on a later day, others just keep it hidden within themselves and cook the problem to a bigger one. So here I am to pour out my inner feelings.

As an independent individual we are constantly evolving in terms of our behaviour, problem handling, choosing what is best for you, choosing who are best for you to have a long term relationship with. I during my evolving process choose to ignore the people I started with in this world ( I am not judging whether they are best for me, they will be a major part of me no matter how much I change). Little did I know that not everyone thinks like me. I as an individual need to fit into all the various conditions they set to evaluate if a person is worthy for them to keep in their life. 

Someone once told me in general Indian mindsets are so self absorbed that they are insensitive towards others shortcomings. This is such a true statement. We blame western society for everything that goes wrong in Indian society but western society has evolved a lot and become very conscious to not hurt anyone based on their shortcomings. I never heard of the word Dyslexia until I was in India, because in school I have seen repeat offenders being punished with a cane stick, getting a spelling wrong is not the end of the world but research showed that repeatedly spelling words wrong is actually a psychological problem. But as an Indian we have been shown always that unless you score as high as 100%  you are not perfect. If you are just managing 60% then this gives a right to the person who is making 80% to bully you. 

How hard is it for people to realise that I am not in this world to participate in a rat race, I am satisfied with what I have and I have enough to help others. I bet the rat race participant neither has the satisfaction nor the heart to help anyone, all he has is a fake status which he uses to bully the people whom he considers as not up to his level. Most people come to a realisation of life when they have faced hardships in their life, but I have made sure that the race participant never faced any hardships in his life and I feel responsible for never letting him see the true and mean world.

At the end all I wish is that the rat race participants take a break and realise that no one is perfect in this world. What you treat as worthless may be very valuable for someone somewhere in this world.