Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Did you ever wish life just stays the same without any change, you could perhaps get up each day the same way, get ready the same way, take the same path to goto the same workplace daily. Cook and eat the same kind of food every week. Basically all this counts as a luxury, mainly when you hate to take risks that can damage this luxury. Even a little change feels like a huge risk to take. May be all this is because your life did not take the same direction as you planned in the past. Even when good things start to change your life in a good way, you become suspicious every second and every minute about how long this happiness will last, then you start testing the source of this change. You question it, you tease it, you ridicule it, you kick it. This is a hard phase for everyone involved but only the tough one withstands and stays. If the happiness decides to leave you it means your life stays the same way without any change.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Maniratnam's Geetanjali - 25 years of a classic

ManiRatnam has a unique style of narrating a story. This story starts with the graduation ceremony of a young man who is not bothered a lot about his future. His life is all about breaking rules and teasing girls. Witihin the first 15 minutes of the story, he suffers a serious accident. The treatment for which reveals his serious health condition. He is suffering from Cancer and has very few days left. So he decides to spend the last few days away from his sobbing parents and sets off to Ooty.

In Ooty lives the female protagonist Geetanjali, she seems to be a happy-go-lucky girl who goes about playing pranks with her eve-teasers. She has a little gang of siblings who help her with her accomplishments. In a turn of events, Prakash gets attracted to her, but then he comes to know that even Geetanjali is suffering from a heart condition that won't let her live longer. He gets inspired by the courage displayed by Geetanjali even though she knows that she has very little time left.

The story slowly reveals how the two go through ups and downs before realising the love for each other. They decide to stay together for the rest of their lives. 

The flirting skills of Prakash and the mischeivious pranks played by Geeta along with her siblings are the funny bits in this movie. Ilayaraja's music sets the right mood for this classic love story. Even after 25 years, the music of this movie gives the same relief to the 90s kids....This is indeed a classic love tale worth watching countless number of times.....