Monday, 16 October 2017

La Fattoria Chester

August 11th 2016 - Dinner Party Food - ***** Ambiance - ***** Service - **** Value for Money - ***** Two days prior to my visit to the restaurant, I had a quick glance at the menu which was very Italian. It was a birthday celebration meal of a friend. She made the choice of this restaurant. Authentic Italian was something my taste buds are not quite used to. So I wanted to be enthusiastic about my visit by choosing my food prior to my visit. The restaurant was pretty much packed at 8 P.m. The ambiance was very Italian. It was filled with loud and pompous chats and laughs of happy diners. That sure was a pleasant welcome. Everyone in my group decided to have starters. I decided to share a starter with another friend. We ordered Tomato Garlic bread. Our decision to share the starter was a wise one as the portion was huge for a starter. It tasted good so zero complaints. A friend who decided to order Cheesy garlic bread all for herself could only eat like 5 forkfuls of her main course as she was stuffed with the starter. For the main course I chose LINGUINE AL PESTO. It arrived beautifully plated. The plates were huge and so were the portions. I was pretty much full after eating half the plate but I ended up finishing 80% because of the taste. For someone who finds it hard to enjoy new cuisine like me, this delicious dish is the answer. TAGLIATELLE AL SALMONE seemed like a great hit among-st my fellow diners as 6 of them went for the same item in the menu. It tasted good was their common review. While another friend chose GNOCCHI ALLA PAPALINA which she clearly enjoyed. After finishing my meal I took some time to appreciate the beautiful decor that was put together very creatively. The quirky mirror installed in the ladies room is a great inspiration for DIY craft. The quirky posters laid beautifully on the walls carry the Italian feel pleasantly well. If you are going to celebrate a birthday in the restaurant then gear up for some loud celebration by the staff which is a sweet gesture from them. All in all this was a very pleasant trip. Probably I will make it my next destination for food when I am very very hungry to make sure I do full justice to the food served. A little suggestion to the restaurant would be to make it easier to the customers to split the bill by itemizing individual items ordered. Or perhaps may be even provide the menu along with the bill to easily work out the costs of the items that they ordered.

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